A Mad, Mod World

Liqueurs are now essential tools in the cocktail canon of many bartenders, adding refreshing properties while maintaining the integrity of classic cocktails. The measure of a fine bar is the presence of an array of liqueurs used to mix and modify cocktail recipes.

Liqueurs and other modifiers impart anything from nutty flavors to herbal to floral to spice. Like seasoning used in cooking, modifiers are used to give cocktails their personality. In PAMA's case, it imparts the sweet-tart flavor of real pomegranate – as well as its color and texture. That sweet-tartness serves to brighten the flavors of cocktails, making them vibrant. When used properly, PAMA can help introduce the novice drinker to the realm of the classics with a fresher, more approachable flavor and texture." - Eben Freeman

When creating cocktails, the flavor of the base spirit should always come first. It would be a shame when using a fine spirit such as bourbon to not allow its presence to show through in the cocktail. Therefore, ingredients that have an affinity for and showcase the base spirit should be used rather of those that mute it. PAMA's versatility naturally lends itself to classic cocktails without overpowering or conflicting with other essential ingredients. It is so well balanced between sweet and tart it can even work as a primary spirit balancing the strength of its partner spirit.

Managing the balance of sweet and sour in cocktails is typically an underappreciated yet essential component to mastering cocktails. PAMA does not throw off the balance of sweet and sour in the classics.

Cocktail Convention

Use the basic cocktail structure of a classic sour recipe and modify it with PAMA. Slightly reduce the base spirit and add PAMA as a modifier to brighten the flavor.

PAMA can also be used as substitute for the modifiers in classic cocktails such as Sours and Duos and Trios. Substitute PAMA for any liqueur or grenadine in the cocktail and you have created a new drink. When many standard drinks calling for grenadine were first created, true pomegranate grenadine was used. Using PAMA instead of grenadine can allow you to taste the classics the way they were meant to taste.